Interested in finding out how SCENT CENTRAL's aromatherapy technology and services can help your business?

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Scent Central


SCENT CENTRAL is a dedicated Scent Marketing company the specialises in combining commercial scenting with the scientific process of aromatherapy through exclusive essential oil fragrances.


While our scientifically proven concept and process may be comprehensive, our main goal is simply to produce the finest scented outcome for your business.


“It just makes business sense…”

Why Scent Central?

Complete scenting solutions, not just great products...


SCENT CENTRAL is one of the leading ambient air scenting and scent marketing companies.


We work with reputable perfumers and fine fragrance manufacturers to meet the high expectations of our clients. Every step of product development and delivering of superior service to our clients is taken extremely seriously and we take pride not only in our products but in our unsurpassed customer service and complete scenting solutions.

Interested in finding out how SCENT CENTRAL's aromatherapy technology and services can help your business?

Who we work with...

Studies have shown that the addition of scent will increase the value or evaluation a customer places on their surroundings.

Essential Oil


Extensive research has concluded that aromatherapy can have numerous positive impacts on employee behaviours.

Fully Serviced Solution

It has been shown that the addition of scent can impact the time perceived time we spend in an environment

Backed by Science

We can remember what we can recall smell and associated experiences 6-7 times more than what we see or hear. 


Brand Loyalty

Market Leading Aromatherapy to Enhance your Business..

Lets talk scent

Together we can make scents of your business and drive consumer behaviour through the use of tailored essential oil fragrances creating a first-class aromatic environment.

The Scent Central Value?

Backed by Science Driven by Quality...

There are three vital elements that make Scent Central the market leader for scenting solutions. These are the pure natural essential oils that are far more influential to the emotions of your customers that create the aromatherapy impact to increase revenue which is all capped off by proven scientific results.



Proven Results



Increase Revenue Opportunities

Essential Oils



Consumer Influence

Our Approach

"While many speak only of products, we speak of service."

Our advanced scent diffusion technology and scent diffusion systems are only great with our complete service focus. It is not a coincidence that we serve many global brands worldwide.

Consistent Servicing, Monitoring & Support

Interested in finding out how SCENT CENTRAL's aromatherapy technology and services can help your business?

Our Vision

We believe in service, quality, science and valuable partnerships with all our clients


Here at Scent Central we stand to create a world-renowned superior industry standard for the commercial fragrance and aromatherapy industry. We focus on science to drive our goals and deliver the finest intoxicating scented outcomes for our clients.

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