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Join the Fast Growing $50 billion Fragrance Industry

Scent Central is looking for enthusiastic professional individuals with an entrepreneurial flair who are passionate for great service and have a love of fine fragrances. As a Franchise or Distribution Partner of Scent Central, you will be supported by a dedicated team of experienced professionals with proven systems and processes to help you realise your true business potential. Take the steps to join one of the newest concepts that is the world of ambient scenting and scent marketing.

– Annuity
– Safety and Security of Contracted Clientele
– Low Cost Set-Up
– High Margins
– Scent Central can thrive in anywhere
– Highly engaged and committed clientele
– Highest Quality

Turn Scents into Dollars!!!

Local and International Opportunities 

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Call:      1300 208 831 (AU)        +61281882224 (International)

Low Set-Up Cost & High Margin

Mobile enterprise with no costly brick & mortar storefront with no expensive running costs creating higher margins.

Highest Standard of Quality

Backed by science & driven by quality we operate at the top end of the  market using the finest fragrances with superior service.

Highly Systemised

System based processes for all aspects of the business from sales to service.

Innovative Technology

We have invested strongly in R&D from the creation of our fine fragrance collection to our exclusive diffusion technology.


Technology and innovation are integrated into everything we do at Scent Central. Whether it’s the best possible client experience or the streamlined operation of a Franchise or Distribution network, we’re always at the forefront of the growing fragrance industry.

The Scent Central model is designed to allow you the ability to drive new business through promotional activities and networking with continued support from our management team.

Coupled with the necessary technology and training facilities to remain at the forefront of this exciting industry, our Franchise or Distribution model really is a true partnership.

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Call:      1300 208 831 (AU)        +61281882224 (International)


What differentiates Scent Central?

At Scent Central we are continually focusing on scientific outcomes for our clients. As a result, our scientific process of combing premium scenting with aromatherapy allows us to create tailored, successful and measurable multi-sensory marketing results for our clientele. To summarise, our scientifically proven concept and process may be comprehensive, our main goal is simply to produce the finest scent marketing and aromatherapy outcome for your business.

Do I need cash or equity towards the purchase of a franchise?

Yes, you will have access to at least 50% of the purchase price of the business. You may have this in actual cash, funding from family and friends, equity in your home/ investment properties or a combination of all of these. Please be aware that we will request proof that you have access to these funds throughout the franchise recruitment process.

What kind of returns can I expect from running a Scent Central franchise?

Due to a significant number of variables when operating a franchise, we can’t provide you with concise figures before you start. Once we receive your application form and your initial telephone interview is complete, you will receive a Confidentiality Agreement. Following the execution of this agreement, we will provide you with the historical sales figures from the Scent Central network and assist you with your preparation of a business plan. It’s imperative that you seek independent financial advice as a part of your due diligence and that you create your own forecasting and business planning documentation.

What support am I going to receive?

Once you are part of the Scent Central family, you will have access to:

  • A dedicated online support team.
  • A state-of-the-art technology
  • Business and training support
  • An induction period
  • All the marketing initiatives and collateral you need
What training will be provided?

You will be provided with support in your new franchise by the Learning & Development team in your first days of operation. You will feel confident to step into your new territory understanding all facets of running the business after working closely with our dedicated team.

Do I need previous business or sales experience to become a franchise partner?

No you don’t. But you must have a hunger for success, love the Scent Central philosophy and have an unmatched enthusiasm for your business. This is all achievable without prior business ownership experience! A genuine appreciation for great customer service is also integral to growing as a successful franchise partner. We will supply you with all of the tools, systems and process to assist you in reaching your business aspirations.

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