Interested in finding out how SCENT CENTRAL's aromatherapy technology and services can help your business?

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Aromatherapy may not be perceived as a method to improve productivity yet in the education world but smell is the strongest of our five senses. Being heavily linked to emotions that impact upon confidence, focus, patience, cooperation and attentiveness, aromatherapy has the potential to increase your students’s efficiency. In addition, a distinctively scented educational space adds to your image and is bound to leave a lasting impression on both employees, students and visitors.

Interested in finding out how SCENT CENTRAL's aromatherapy technology and services can help your business?

The Scientific Impact & Benefits

Scent Central provides cutting edge solutions with significant benefits for schools, libraries, colleges and universities. Specific and tailored research has gone behind our signature essential based fragrances to ensure the following benefits.

Pure essential oil based fragrances contain anti-bacterial properties to promote a cleaner working environment with fewer employee sick days.

Improve Student Wellbeing

The Sofitel conducted a survey of 3,000 guests and found 78% of women and 74% of men generally like scented spaces.

Improve Visitor Satisfaction

75% of our emotions are triggered by our sense of smell. Furthermore these emotions can help to improve a students mood making them more focused and productive.

Target Emotional Development

An independent study showed 93% of people agreed that effective ambient scenting influences their morale, productivity and working behaviour.

Improve Student Behaviour

Researches in Japan have discovered that students in a scented environment made 54% less typing errors.

Increase Productivity

We remember just 1% of what we touch, 2% of what we hear, 5% of what we see and 35% of what we smell. This means that we recall smell 6-7 times more then what we see or hear.

Increase Memory Retention

Scent marketing or Aromatherapy can be defined as tailored diffusion of fragrances that engages a persons senses to affect their perceptions, emotions, moods, judgement and behaviour. Sensory cues can enhance an employees memory by connecting with their emotions. One group of neuroscientist found that 85-95% of consumer decisions occur at the emotional or subconscious level.

A 2004 study at Brown University found that participants showed increased brain activity when smelling an aroma with which they associated a positive memory with to that of an aroma that they had not smelled before. The power of scent increases brain activity far greater than that of visual or audio cues when recognising a certain brand.

How does scent evoke memories?

Its all quite scientific. Such scientific research has confirmed that that the adult brain can distinguish over 10,000 different aromas that are closely tied to the areas of the brain that predominantly process emotional decision making and memories. Our sense of smell is the strongest of our five senses. Experiences that are associated with the olfactory senses are far more likely to be remembered. Once the human brain recognises a distinct scent we can immediately recall strong memories and images of when we encountered that particular fragrance.

The peak of productivity is most likely to occur when a student feels relaxed, receptive, patient and cooperative. Through aromatherapy, we can stimulate the productivity of students as fragrances play an immense role in an individual’s decision-making process.

So.. How does it work?

Lets talk scent

Together we can make scents of your business and drive consumer behaviour through the use of tailored essential oil fragrances creating a first-class aromatic environment.

A survey conducted on a group of office executives found that:

  • 35% of respondents say that a fragrance is the first thing that comes to there attention when entering an environment

  • 93% agree that effective ambient scenting influences their moral, productivity and working behaviour.

  • 98% agree that a bad odour can lead to poor job performance and decisions

  • 93% feel appreciative of their scented working environment

*Findings based on a survey carried out on 40 office executives aged between 19-50 years old​

The evidence...
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