Interested in finding out how SCENT CENTRAL's aromatherapy technology and services can help your business?

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Scent Marketing for
Hotels & Accommodation

Scent Marketing, or defining your brand through aromatic elements, helps many hotel brands to relate to guests in a much deeper and notable way that is far greater than traditional visual marketing techniques. Scent branding is heavily linked to influencing guests emotions, moods and reinforcing positive brand associations.

“47% of respondents
said they would
return to a hotel
due to its fragrance”.

Or Pui Yu,
2016 Coventry University, London

Interested in finding out how SCENT CENTRAL's aromatherapy technology and services can help your business?

The Scientific Impact & Benefits

Scent Central provides cutting edge solutions with significant benefits for hotels and resorts. Specific and tailored research has gone behind our signature essential based fragrances to ensure the following benefits.

Scent researcher, Eric Spangenberg discovered that a customers overall purchases increased by 20% when exposed to an olfactory stimulus.

Stimulate Spending Behaviour

Studies have shown that 91% of respondents said that a fragrance affected their evaluation of a hotel experience.

Improve Guest Evaluation

A study by the Coventry University in London discovered that 47% of respondents said they would return to a hotel due to its fragrance

Increase Repeat Clientele

Consumers value experiences around 54% higher in a scented environment. Increase the buying behaviour and willingness to return to your hotel.



Our sense of smell is linked to our memories that in turn create long lasting impressions that can stay with us for many years. We recall what we smell 6-7 times more then what we see or hear.

Drive Memory Retention

The Sofitel conducted a survey of 3,000 guests and found 78% of women and 74% of men generally like scented spaces.

Improve Guest Satisfaction

Scent memories are ingrained in our minds and provide a powerful tool to build emotional loyalty with your hotel guests. It has been proven that after 3 months a person can recall a smell with 65% accuracy in contrast to only 50% of what they may see visually. This emotional memory can be used to bring positive feelings of happiness, relaxation and comfort that leaves a continued lasting impression.

Being the strongest of our five senses, our sense of smell is responsible for 75% of our emotions. Our olfactory nerve is directly linked to the Limbic System which monitors our memories and emotions therefore effecting our mood, concentration, memory recall and emotional behaviours.

Using scent to inspire consumer connection
& brand recognition...

We can help you to create a signature essential oil fragrance that your guests will identify with your hotel experience. In addition to creating  a scent logo for your brand many of our clients choose to gift or sell the fragrance to hotel guests in the form of a candle. This allows your guest to take a bit of their holiday and hotel experience home to remember.

Through your signature fragrance unique to your hotel we can drive positive brand associations to increase repeat clientele, drive positive reviews and create a luxurious experience that your guests will remember.


Unique Signature
Fragrance for Your Hotel

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Together we can make scents of your business and drive consumer behaviour through the use of tailored essential oil fragrances creating a first-class aromatic environment.

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