Interested in finding out how SCENT CENTRAL's aromatherapy technology and services can help your business?

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Backed by Science

Driven by Quality

Premium Restroom Scenting

Our pure essential oil fragrances alone are far more effective at eliminate malodours. These superior fragrances combine with our state-of-the-art diffusion solutions that are 10x stronger than any aerosol technology on the market. Gone are the days of inefficient aerosol solutions in the bathroom as its time to create a boutique atmosphere throughout one of the most impressionable places with a building.

"The most powerful and effective bathroom scenting solution that is up to 10 times stronger than any other product on the market....”

Interested in finding out how SCENT CENTRAL's aromatherapy technology and services can help your business?

Our Solutions are:

Scent Central provides cutting edge solutions with significant benefits for restrooms. 

Our units are up to 10x stronger than any other aerosol solution on the market. 

10x Stronger

Pure essential oil based fragrances contain anti-bacterial properties to attack to odorous smell molecules.

Anti-Bacterial Properties

Fully programable 24hr timing cycle with customised strength levels.

24hr Customisable Timing Cycle

Effective, exclusive boutique feel to your restrooms to front of house standard.


Essential Oils

Fully serviced by our vast team of professional technicians.

Fully Serviced

Small, subtle and sleak design of our bathroom units is congruent with all modern designs.

Sleak Design

Lets talk scent

Together we can make scents of your business and drive consumer behaviour through the use of tailored essential oil fragrances creating a first-class aromatic environment.

Scent Central
Micro - Diffusers
Aerosols /
Air Fresheners

Efficient dry vapour

Uniform superior coverage

Leaves no deposits

10x Stronger

Pure Essential Oils

Scent particles remain in the air for up to 16hrs

Falls after emission

Wet deposits

Spray large uneven scent particles

Does not remain in the are as the air particles 

Interested in finding out how SCENT CENTRAL's aromatherapy technology and services can help your business?

At Scent Central we offer the finest scenting

diffusers and most invigorating essential oil

fragrances scientifically created to impress

the best noses on the planet. We combine our

exceptional products with equally exceptional

service that insures controllable, efficient and

safe scenting experience.

Why Scent Central?

Pure essential oil based fragrances are

produced from pure plant extracts to enhance

psychological and physical well-being. Unlike

synthetic based fragrances our oils are more

effective at influencing the subconscious

and emotional decision making of subjects.

This combined with the highly anti-bacterial

properties of our fine fragrances collection help

to effectively fight and combat malodorous by

physically attacking odorous air particles in the


Why our essential oil fragrances?
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