Interested in finding out how SCENT CENTRAL's aromatherapy technology and services can help your business?

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Backed by Science

Driven by Quality

Scent Marketing
for Retail Stores

In store experiences can make or break a brand while exceptional experiences can lead to an enhanced brand image and consumer retention. For retailers it is crucial to entice consumers into their store while competing with the rapidly growing online platforms. To enhance the overall consumer experience, the use of aromatherapy and scent branding can be integrated to create memorable associations and positive experiences for your brand.

Interested in finding out how SCENT CENTRAL's aromatherapy technology and services can help your business?

The Scientific Impact & Benefits

Scent Central provides cutting edge solutions with significant benefits for retail stores and shopping centres. Specific and tailored research has gone behind our signature essential based fragrances to ensure the following benefits.

75% of our emotions are triggered by our sense of smell. Furthermore these emotions can help to improve customers moods making them more susceptible to other traditional marketing techniques.

Build Emotional Connections

Creating an ambient environment where customers are receptive to potential sales is crucial. By relaxing the consumer we can make them feel more relaxed with the sales staff.

Promote Trustworthiness

A study with a pair of Nike shoes showed that consumers are 84% more likely to make a purchase and are  willing to spend more on an item as they perceive it to be of higher quality.

Increase Revenue

Scent researcher, Eric Spangenberg discovered that a customers overall purchases increased by 20% when exposed to an olfactory stimulus.

Increase Spending Behaviour

An independent study showed shoppers in a scented Samsung store underestimated the time they spent in the store by 26%. 


Dwell Time

We remember what we smell for 2x longer than what we see or hear. People can remember smells with 65% accuracy after a year, while visual recall is about 50% after three months.


Brand Loyalty

Scent marketing in the retail industry can be defined as tailored marketing that engages consumer’s senses to affect their perceptions, judgement and behaviour. Sensory cues can enhance impulse purchases by connecting with consumers emotions. One group of neuroscientist found that 85-95% of consumer decisions occur at the emotional or subconscious level. This indicates that traditional visual and audial marketing techniques fail to influence consumers on an emotional level.

A 2004 study at Brown University found that participants showed increased brain activity when smelling an aroma with which they associated a positive memory with to that of an aroma that they had not smelled before. The power of scent increases brain activity far greater than that of visual or audio cues when recognising a certain brand.

How does scent evoke memories?

It’s actually quite scientific. Our sense of smell is closely tied to those areas of the brain which are primarily concerned with the associations between memory and emotion. In fact, scientific research has proven that our sense of smell is one of the most powerful emotional triggers. Memories associated with a particular olfactory experience tend to be stronger than those without, and the recognition of a distinct scent can immediately call up strong images of the place where that scent was first encountered.

The majority of sales occur when a customer feels relaxed, receptive and develop a trust the for product or sales person.  Through aromatherapy, we can stimulate the “Buying Mood” of customers as fragrances play an immense role in an individual’s decision-making process.

So.. How does it work?

Lets talk scent

Together we can make scents of your business and drive consumer behaviour through the use of tailored essential oil fragrances creating a first-class aromatic environment.

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